About us

Our core competency lies in making individuals & teams accountable to their own selves and thereby; produce Tangible Results in a Time-bound manner as a Habit.

At Unleashed, we also provide solutions in Systems Designing & Implementation, Operational Excellence, Team Alignment, Management Consulting, Project Management, and Executive Coaching.

Our Founder, Manan Vasa says, “Our Productivity (our ability to produce results) is a function of our Habits.” To maintain any growth or any kind of change, there must be a foundation of Habits to match them.

Our team of highly motivated and trained professionals is committed to delivering excellence and executable solutions through a Sustainable Habit Change Process to all those who approach us.

While the base of everything we do, is Habits, we offer solutions using three different pathways; Training, Consulting & Executive Coaching.



Learn the Art & the Science of producing tangible results in a time bound manner as a Habit using Manan’s Make It Happen Framework(c).

The Colloquium is a World-class, High-end, three-months long workshop that provides Extensive Training & Hand-holding to people through the three-days Million Dollar Habits Intensive & a nine-weeks long Habit Builder Series.

By the end of the Colloquium, you will (among other benefits!)

  • Double your Productivity
  • Create Sustainable Work-life Balance
  • Master working with Focus & Clarity
  • Save 2-3 hours a day for the rest of your life

Not as a one-time affair, but as a Habit!

Would you like to become a Dashboard CEO? Learn how to run your Company from anywhere in the world, just using a Remote Control called your Dashboards.

Our team of Chartered Accountants & MBAs with over 50 years of experience, provide solutions in Systems Designing & Implementation, Operational Excellence, Team Alignment, Management Consulting & Project Management; all on the foundation of Habits.

After rising to a certain high, most businesses become stagnant. Ever wonder why?

An employee is answerable to the Boss. But who is the Boss accountable to? It gets lonely at the top. Personal coaches are specialists who work with you in multiple areas of life. The secret weapon of Billionaire CEOs and other wildly successful people is the use of a “Coach” regularly for advancing their Business Empires.

Manan Vasa delivers High Performance Coaching to take you & your business to the next level, again, through a systemic change in Habits.



Manan Vasa

“What have we lived, if we didn’t make any difference to the world before we die”.

“What have we lived if we didn’t make a difference in the world? If there is no tangible difference on the planet from the time we were born till the time we die, our life is wasted.”

Personal – Manan developed his entrepreneurship skills at a very young age. In spite of having an experience of over 14 years, he is just in his mid-thirties. He resides in Vile Parle, Mumbai with his family.

Education – Manan is a Chartered Accountant. He graduated from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics. In 2011, he completed his Advanced Program for Project Management from IIM Kozhikode. Later, in 2013 he completed his Executive Program in Sales and Marketing from IIM, Calcutta.

Experience – Manan worked with a reputed Chartered Accountants’ Firm – Bansi S. Mehta & Co. for three years. He has trained & coached over 14,000 people in the areas of personal transformation, self-awareness, productivity & efficiency, time management & team alignment over the last 14 years. Manan has worked with businessmen, CEOs of Public & Private Ltd. Companies & SMEs and professionals from fields like medical, finance, legal, architecture, film making, etc. While consulting Corporates and SMEs, he has been successful in organising efficient teams and creating standard operating procedures, management systems & processes to effectively run organisations.

Expertise – Manan’s core competency is Productivity & Leadership. He has a unique ability of inculcating in people and teams, an ability to produce Tangible Results in a Time-bound manner as a Habit.

He has the ability to bring clarity and focus in planning projects and creating work breakdown structures for effective execution.

He has invested over a decade to reduce his own discovery & learnings into what we call the Make It Happen Framework© which is the heart of everything that we do at Unleashed. This Practical Model proves that when a person develops a specific relationship with (Habits around) Time, Focus, Clarity & Reality, any result can be produced. Over 200 projects have been successfully completed by using this Framework in the last 18 months alone.

His workshops dramatically increase people’s efficiency, reduce their stress, increase focus and leave them with an unquestionable competency to produce results that otherwise seem impossible.

Core Team

Manan Vasa (Chartered Accountant, Fellow IIM-C & IIM-K)
Founder & CEO
Manan is the Founder of Unleashed. The Colloquium & the Make it Happen Framework© is his brain child. He is the High Performance Coach to CEOs & Business Owners. He is the Principal Consultant of all Consulting engagements & he is the Primary Faculty of all our training programs & workshops. He heads Research & Business Development at Unleashed.

Prasanna Mainkar (Chartered Accountant, B. Com)
Prasanna heads Operations & Analysis for Consulting at Unleashed. Prasanna has a mind for numbers. He is our analyst. His competency lies in analyzing existential organisational problems for our clients and discovering solutions for improvement and performance enhancement. Among other skills, he is also a skilled writer and is responsible for the all the content creation at Unleashed.

Darshna Doshi (Diploma in Electronic Engineering and Fine Arts – Painting)
Darshna’s forte is her communication skills and her ability to handhold colloquium participants to reach from Point A to point B. She guides business owners and professionals to achieve their targets in a time bound manner. She helps them in troubleshooting specific challenges in their business and provides clarity & direction.

Karan Sadawana (Chartered Accountant, B. Com)
Karan heads the Operations of the Colloquium. He is involved in the firm’s policy making and strategic decision making. He has the tendency to come up with unique ideas. He is always inquisitive about increasing effectiveness and accuracy of the firm’s operations. He spends a lot of his time doing research and development in making systems more user friendly and easy to use.