Manan Vasa himself takes up the mantle of being the coach. He has personally coached CEOs, business owners, professionals from fields like medical, finance, legal, film, technical etc. and made a profound impact in the way they manage their work and personal life.

Why do you need a coach? Here’s why

For holding you accountable

Entrepreneurs excel in working all by themselves. Which also means, their performance determines the performance of their organisation. They are in a position where no one else can hold them accountable. This is where we come in. We will hold you accountable.

For increasing your productivity

There can be various reasons for diminishing productivity. Results are a direct function of our Habits. Powerful Habits yield powerful results. In this age of dramatic distraction, we fall prey to many time-wasting activities. Your coach will help you stay focused and alleviate your productivity.

For re-aligning direction and clarity

A coach will keep your actions in sync with the path towards your vision. You will get an objective feedback which can possibly enhance your clarity. You will be in a better position to make decisions in all areas.

For being your confidante

You can tell your coach things that you can’t tell others. He is that set of ears you can unload all your mental load with. It’s a huge plus to have a trusted advisor and personal coach who can offer you different ideas and perspectives on your business and personal situation.