6Manoj Tambe

Manoj Tambe

“As a trainer he will go all out to make you strive hard to achieve whatever you want in your life. He is rock solid support.”

8Shikha Kalra 2

Shikha Kalra

“I have had the absolute pleasure of being coached by Manan. To say the least – his coaching has made a significant…

Poonam Lama

Poonam Lama

“He is very practical and his approach is result oriented. I can close my eyes and follow his instructions…


4Devanand Nath Photo

Dr. Devanand Nath

“I acknowledge Manan for his commitment, methodology of inspiring the participants, his content, his faith…


CA Maulik Shah

“Manan, he is highly committed and dedicated and someone who stand for causing breakthrough results…

1Neeraj Kapoor

Neeraj Kapoor

“If you are looking for POWER, FREEDOM and PEACE OF MIND in your life (professional and personal)…



Nimesh Mehta

“In my 15 years of professional career I would have attended approx 50 trainings & I would like to mention…

3Chintan Thakkar

Chintan Thakkar

“Manan is a rare breed of professionals who “Walks the Talk”. My interactions with him have always been very…


Krishna Shah

“Manan’s coaching was the most incredible thing to happen to me. He is a God Sent Angel to me! He is just 25 years…